Entheogenic and Nootropics - My Legal Shrooms

Entheogen has become the preferred term for chemicals that are psychoactive drugs that have profound effects on consciousness. Researchers have long noted that naturally occurring entheogens have been used by religious groups such as the Native Americans to facilitate religious and spiritual experiences. The use of entheogens to facilitate mystical experience or a sense of union with God or a larger reality have produced some of the most frequently cited textbook cases of true experimental research in the psychology of religion


Mushrooms have been used medicinally since nearly the beginning of medicine. At least 200 mushroom species have been identified to have medicinal effects, usually for regulating immune functions or stimulating blood flow–but only 6 mushrooms have been found to have substantial benefits for cognitive health. 

These 6 mushrooms are classified as nootropics, substances that promote cognitive function by acting on the nervous system to alter the production or uptake of neurotransmitters.